MzJazmine’s World of Financial Humiliation Destruction
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MzJazmine’s World of Financial Humiliation Destruction

Black Mistress, Ebony Goddess, small dick humiliation, Masturbatrix, Cock Sluts, Panty Bois who beg Me to let them Cum! So call me so I can just confirm what a loser you are and have a laugh while I’m at it…at your expense! I will take it all slowly or My Wallet raping of Raise the Rates! LOL

“You can only get hard and find pleasure knowing I am draining your wallet or 
turning you into a dirty tiny dick cock/cum slave.”

I know exactly who you are… 
You can’t get lucky with women because your cock is small, therefore, useless and inadequate. Hell even if you offered to pay me I wouldn’t have sex with you!

Who and I… 
I’m the only one who tolerates you and that’s only because I find losers like yourself amusing…LOL Understand with me… I may never let you cum. Why? Because orgasms are for real men, real men who have big cocks. You pet, have a useless little pecker, therefore, you are NOT are real man.

Pets for My Amusment & Stable
Older white male with useless tiny inferior dick?? 

Closet cum slut??? 
Closet panty-boy?
Black Goddess Worship… 

Goddess Desires: 
Raise the Rate Game - Ruined orgasms!(REAL men get orgasms! NOT YOU pin-dick!)
Strokers who beg to dribble – Draining you of your $$$$ LOL!! 

Amused by: 
Small Dick Losers  – Closet cock and cum sluts – Money/Financial Slaves – Orgasm Tease/Denial 

Your soul purpose is to be my slave and to ensure I am entertained.  

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Rating: 6.7/10 (6 votes cast)
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MzJazmine's World of Financial Humiliation Destruction , 6.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings